"De perto, ninguém é normal. / From up close nobody is normal." (Caetano Veloso)

Tuesday, February 13, 2007


The Nargille

Ancient findings confirm that pipes were filled with herbs and smoked for rituals or maybe also for pleasure.The country of Turkey grows about 5% of the world's tobacco, making smoking a very popular past time. With two great kinds of tobaccos, it's not suprising that tobacco became a part of daily life In what was once known as the Ottoman Empire. The Nargille (pronounced argeeleh) is a water pipe. There are two kinds of water pipes, Turkish and Arabian. The Turkish pipe has its tobacco rolled as a plug and the tobacco is on top of the pipe on a small plateau. Since the plug is rolled tight and has some moisture in it, the pipe is kept burning by charcoal. The Arabian pipe has its tobacco in a hollow head and the tobacco is not usually rolled. Nargille's are very popular with Middle Eastern Cultures, and are used for smoking tobacco as a leisurely past time.
PS: It´s really worth-trying !! :)

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