"De perto, ninguém é normal. / From up close nobody is normal." (Caetano Veloso)

Monday, December 21, 2009

'AVATAR' Review (Film)

Sigourney Weaver defined the movie as being a story of love. I must disagree. The movie is definitely beautiful and inspirational and it is even surprisingly deeper - considering it is one of those "hollywood-blockbuster" productions - if we admit the movie is actually about the ambition and greed present in many individuals in mankind. The film comes out at a specially interesting moment, when world leaders met in Copenhagen to debate about global warming and the environment and brings a story that shows the respect for nature versus the focus on nature exploitation for financial interests. It is a beautiful animation - that watched in 3D becomes amazing - which shows a fiction story that can easily become true if we keep playing gods and believing that plants are animals are here to serve us. If we wake up in time, then all this can be finally defined as a story of love, in its broader meaning.

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