"De perto, ninguém é normal. / From up close nobody is normal." (Caetano Veloso)

Monday, March 26, 2007


Nobody´s perfect [Madonna]

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darko said...

Hi Marisa. I hope you are okay. I am sorry but I have to inform you that I have got a troll, someone leaving nasty messages and linking them to other weblogs. Who is Ferney? I am Ferney but I use Darko as nickname. PLease if you consider delete that nasty message. IOnce you get a troll the best thing is to ignor him, I spend the other day deleting messages in my cbox. SOrry about that and I hope you are not angry with Ferney or Darko, the real ones. (wondering why he did not write a word in portugues?, he may not speak it) Descoupa mulher. aquele troll e un cabazo!. Beijos e abracos. PLease do me a favor! if you can send me ip adress of the person who left that message you can realise 1. it is not my pc an 2. it may be someone in locombia. also i can block that lad from doing it.

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